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  Dear All Global Distributors:



  At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted our daily life and the pace of our  work, and all industries contributed all-out efforts to combat the epidemic. The traditional Chinese Spring Festival, the busy sales season in the past, now becomes desolate for the first time. The outbreak is unexpected and we are very concerned about your safety and health. Please take good care of yourself and your family, so that we can fight the epidemic together.



  In 2017, Fenjiu pursued reform across the board. Over the past three years, we have achieved rapid development in Party building and guidance, business performance, internal management, production, supply and marketing research etc. Among these, Fenjiu distributors have made great and remarkable contributions.  You are the “pioneer” of Fenjiu sales, the “best representative” of Fenjiu brand, and the “loyal partner” of Fenjiu through thick and thin. Thanks to the joint efforts of you and Fenjiu, Fenjiu runs efficiently and orderly in the market with products covering more than 50 countries and regions around the world, and its regional structure significantly improved. As Qinghua series product, a type of Fenjiu, has witnessed significant sales growth, the sales proportion of middle and high-end products exceeded 60% for the first time, and the product structure becomes more and more reasonable.

  2017年、汾酒は包括的な深化改革の新時代に入りました.過去3年間、党の指導の下で、汾酒の業績、内部管理、生産、供給、マーケティング、研究などの多くの面で急速な発展を達成してきました. この期間中、汾酒のディーラー多大な貢献をしました. あなたは汾酒販売の「最前線の先駆者」であり、汾酒ブランドの「最高のスポークスマン」であり、汾酒の「忠実なパートナー」です,汾酒の市場を開きました. あなたを称賛し、あなたに敬意を表します.あなたと汾酒の共同の努力により、汾酒の市場は効率的で整然としており、製品は世界中の50以上の国と地域をカバーし、地域構造は大幅に改善されています. 青花製品シリーズは大幅に増加しました.ミッドエンドからハイエンドまでの製品の売上が初めて60%を超え、製品構造が合理的になりました.


  This spring, the severity of the epidemic forced us to press the pause button on our marketing efforts, but we are not panicky or dazed, because we firmly believe that with the strong leadership, decision-making and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, as well as the meticulous arrangements of governments at all levels, we will work together to fight the epidemic.



  It is our responsibility to prevent and control the epidemic. After being informed of the outbreak, Fenjiu donated a total of RMB 25.6 million to the frontline of epidemic prevention, supporting the fight against the epidemic with practical actions, which fulfilled our social obligations as a state-owned enterprise.  Meanwhile, we have formulated the emergency plan for the epidemic and the work plan for restarting the production scientifically in sequence and in stages on the basis of strict epidemic prevention. Up to now, Fenjiu production workshop, functional departments and logistics units have resumed work. Although we are still unable to fully restore the normal operation of the market, we hope that all distributors can strengthen confidence. During the outbreak, we hope you can actively feedback the market information, firmly stabilize the product price, carry out online office timely, adjust marketing strategy accurately, and make full preparations for the comprehensive resumption of work after the outbreak. Fenjiu will always be with you.



  Winter will eventually pass, and spring is sure to come. We believe that under the leader ship of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, we will surely win the fight against the epidemic. We hope that our Fenjiu distributors improve your self-protection awareness and take care of yourselves. After the epidemic retreated, let’s meet again here, tasting Fenjiu, enjoying the scenery and looking forward to the future.

  冬が過ぎないということはない,春が来ないということはないです. 党中央と国務院の正しい指導により、この肺炎との戦いに確実に勝つことができるでしょう. ここで、汾酒のディーラーが予防の意識を高め、自分の体の世話をすることを願っています. 疫病が消散するのを待った後、再び汾酒を味わい、美しさを楽しみ、未来について話すために、杏花村で会いましょう.Content 611


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